Very Minor Prophets

You’ve heard of the four major prophets and the twelve minor prophets. These are the prophets you haven’t heard of. (Every newsletter includes a new very minor prophet.)

Ahijah the Prophet

Prophesied that Jeroboam would become the first king of the northern kingdom of Israel. Also prophesied the death of everyone in Jeroboam’s family.

Azariah the Prophet

Counseled King Asa of Judah to enact religious reforms. Asa listens, and then doesn’t listen.

Hanani the Seer

Challenged King Asa of Judah when Asa sent Temple treasures to Ben-Hadad of Syria for an alliance rather than trusting God as he had in the past.

Iddo the Seer

Recorded the reigns of Solomon, Rehoboam, and Abijah; possibly Zechariah’s grandfather.

Micaiah the Prophet

Prophesies that Jehoshaphat and Ahab will lose in a war against Syria (spoiler: they do). Never has anything good to say about Ahab.

Unnamed Man of God

Told King Amaziah of Judah not to hire mercenaries from Israel, “for the Lord is not with Israel.”

Unnamed Prophet

Told King Amaziah of Judah that worshiping the idols of the defeated Edomites would result in his destruction.


Contemporary of Jeremiah, murdered by the king for prophesying against Jerusalem


Prophet to the young King Joash, who stoned him to death.


False prophet who tells King Ahab to go to war.