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Hi, I’m Jerry.

I’m the author of VerseNotes, where I’m working to answer the question, “How can we delight more in the Word of God?”

It’s my goal—and I hope it’s yours—because right in the first psalm, we read:

Blessed is the man [whose] delight is in the law of the Lord.

If you open the Bible every day, take a sip, and leave unsatisfied and unchanged, I’ve been there, and VerseNotes is here to help you dive in.

If you’ve ever started a year-long reading plan and quit before you finished Leviticus, I’ve done that, and VerseNotes is here to help you find joy in the densest laws.

If you’ve ever struggled through Revelation and left more confused than you started, I have too (more than once), and VerseNotes is here to help untangle the vision.

If you’ve heard Bible stories your whole life but don’t really see how they all fit together, I know how you feel, and VerseNotes is here to help you finish the puzzle (or at least find that last edge piece).

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About Me

I’m not a professional writer or theologian. In real life, I build robots. I live in San Antonio, Texas, with my wife Meera, our dog Tuck, and a cat that frequents our backyard that we call Pierre. Tuck and Pierre don’t get along.

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