Two New Ways To Read Psalm 136

4 minute read

Looking at familiar Scripture in new ways can help us see what it’s all about. Psalm 136 is famously repetitive, but don’t let “repetitive” become “boring.”

Moses’s Missing Math

9 minute read

The Israelites were famously bad at math, but here’s an instance where they relied on a technique that wouldn’t even be invented for another 3,000 years.

What If Malachi Was Wrong?

5 minute read

Malachi 4:5 seems impossible, or at best a contradiction. What happens when Jesus’s disciples finally get up the courage to ask about it?

The Seventh Sunday of Advent

4 minute read

Jesus tells us how to avoid losing the preparation of Advent and the hope of Christmas in the messiness of January. And February. And March…

Like Lightning From Heaven

9 minute read

You’re part of the invasion force of Heaven, and every work you do for the Kingdom of God is part of the assured fall of Satan at the word of Jesus.

Praise the Name

8 minute read

Sometimes I forget that God has a name. This psalmist is happy to remind me, over and over again.

It Happened In the Spring

12 minute read

Why does the author of Chronicles leave out the story of David and Bathsheba? That seems like a major oversight.

She Was Not Hidden

12 minute read

A lived example of Jesus’s proclamation about not hiding a lamp—or a woman—under a basket.

The Duty of Watching

11 minute read

Bringing the men who guard the gates of the tabernacle into the modern church.

She Loved Much

7 minute read

Exploring the relationship of sin, repentance, and forgiveness with the help of a Pharisee and a prostitute.

About Three Months

15 minute read

Three months? Mary stayed with Elizabeth for a long time! Think with me for a few minutes about that visit.

The Boy Jesus

7 minute read

How did Luke hear the story of Jesus staying behind in the Temple as a little boy?

Nothing Left Over

3 minute read

Paul reaches back into history and into Scripture to write an old law in a new way for the Corinthians.