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Every November, a little event called National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, inspires more than a hundred thousand professional, amateur, and aspiring authors around the world to write a 50,000-word fiction novel in one month.

This is, of course, insane.

Roughly a fifth of them routinely complete the challenge.

I’m not writing a novel here at VerseNotes, and it’s certainly not fiction. The true Author has already written the story, and I’m just making notes to help you enjoy it as much as I do. So instead of fiction, I’m challenging myself to write—and publish—a VerseNote every day of November this year.

This is, of course, insane.

Nevertheless, the challenge is set, and now it’s public, so I can hardly back down. Pray with me that the Holy Spirit guides this writing and makes it more than an interesting challenge for me, but truly valuable for each of you.

One last thing—I invite you to participate. For the month of November, whenever you read the Bible, write a brief reflection, or reaction, or observation. I think writing helps distill your thoughts and connect you to the text.

Let me know how it goes. I’ll be right there with you.