Who Is That Guy?

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I hope you enjoyed reading about King Jehoshaphat’s prayer as he responded to what seemed like overwhelming opposition with fellowship and faith.

Remember that God’s promises of power and presence aren’t just history, they’re reality; and they’re not just for ancient kings; they’re for you today.

But as you read, did you wonder who this king was who just came out of nowhere? He’s not exactly covered in a typical Sunday School curriculum.

I wondered, too, so I went back into Scripture (and other sources) to find out. It turns out…

  • he’s King David’s great-great-great grandson;
  • he outlived two northern kings;
  • he met the prophet Elisha (once);
  • he revived and modernized Moses’s command to teach the law; and
  • he established a decentralized system of courts in Judah.

He also made some poor alliances, and wasn’t great as a trader.

Read his entire story here

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